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Annual Inspection

Annual Inspection

Like other aerial lifts or MEWPS its necessary to have your Spider lift annually inspected and serviced to keep the warranty in good standing.  Annual inspections are very important because of the many moving parts of most MEWPS and also having your employees kept safe! Spimerica is proud to offer top tier annual inspections for your aerial lifts, spider booms or MEWPS across North America.

The guidelines provide frequency and annual inspection directions and conclude that repairs must be performed by a qualified technician or mechanic. The person must specialize in a particular make and model of machine or one of a similar design.

Spimerica recommends a 90 day service interval or 150 hours (whichever comes first). It is important that the equipment is maintained and cared for properly to ensure a longer life span and to keep personnel safe while working at heights.

Your yearly inspection cannot surpass 13 months from the date of your previous check. If you want to ensure regular maintenance, it’s a smart move to plan scheduled upkeep based on your hours of operation and the type of application in which you use your aerial lift. Access Lift Equipment delivers regular maintenance plans for your equipment, so you can rely on the experts to service your machines to the highest standards.

When working with any heavy equipment machinery, you run the risk of experiencing accidents that can lead to severe injuries, death or unnecessary downtime. Anything from a faulty outrigger and an oil leak to defective brakes and wobbly guardrails can turn your work into a disaster. But when you’re mindful of regular upkeep, you can avoid risky situations with your aerial lifts, such as falls, electrocutions and tip-overs: So it’s important to make sure all of your Aerial Lift, MEWPS and Spider Access Equipment undergo a routine annual inspection.

If you would like to talk with an aerial work platform specialist and find out more information on our annual lift inspection and MEWPS annual inspection services, please contact us today!


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