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Mechanical Maintenance

Routine Mechanical Maintenance

Spimerica has the ability to travel to your location to perform any necessary service work and inspections needed for your machine to remain at optimal performance.

The A92.6 guideline from ANSI, effective on May 20, 2007, and Aug. 28, 2016, references changes that affect the remanufacturing, manufacturing, rebuilding, reconditioning and design of aerial equipment. The new standards and revisions compared to the previous version from the 1990s affect equipment owners regarding:

  • Operation
  • Inspection
  • Repair
  • Training
  • Maintenance

The guidelines provide frequency and annual inspection directions and conclude that repairs must be performed by a qualified technician or mechanic. The person must specialize in a particular make and model of machine or one of a similar design. The law also requires an inspection to occur at least every 90 days or after 150 hours — whichever comes first, depending on the frequency of use.

Your log books can include info ranging from a cylinder and valve assessment to checking pins and welds. It can even record assessments of boom wear pad fasteners, winch brake operation, driveline functions and other aspects of your equipment. By writing notes, specs and additional information in a log, it can act as a place for workers and mechanics to document problems, offer suggestions for solutions, and record maintenance and repairs.

Keeping up with the above maintenance tips can boost the longevity of your lifts. If you neglect upkeep and repairs, your machines can suffer and so can your business.

No matter what applications you use with your equipment and how often you use it, aerial lift maintenance is imperative. In fact, it’s usually more critical to perform this with aerial lift equipment compared to other machines because of the heights you can reach — meaning your operations require the utmost safety. Whether you own or rent machines, you will want to keep your business compliant with federal laws as well as industry guidelines. Read on to find out how to do this.

If you would like to talk with an aerial work platform specialist and find out more information on our routine mechanical maintenance services, please contact us today!


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